Thursday, April 9, 2009

NaPoWriMo Elsewhere

I'm doing this two-post-per-day thing, but there are a handful of folks who I'm also checking out daily (usually thanks to the ease of an RSS feed, but I'll visit their blogs on my own regardless):

Oscar Bermeo has an ongoing series titled "Anything to Declare?" that is worth comparing and contrasting (I think his interesting subtitle for each piece - Version x - asks for a compare and contrast).

Karin Gottshall runs Cafe Babblecat, which remains one of my favorite blogs to pop in at. I like the combination of poetry bits (the mouse poems in particular are great), little memoirish notes, crazy games, and photography experimental and traditional.

Lindsay Penelope Illich has a number of "Evening Poems," most dealing with motherhood. She's got some polls up asking for opinions on possible titles for 14 of them right now. A good read - take the time.

Of course you can look at my profile to see whose blogs I follow, but these are three folks I wanted to highlight briefly for poetry or otherwise creative writing that I've been enjoying on a daily basis.


Mairi said...

Thanks for the links. I've been doing the National Poetry month write a poem a day insanity fest thing and like to see what others are up to by way of celebration. It was nice to see you on the Plumbline fan list. It put me onto your site.

JeFF Stumpo said...

Hi Mairi,

Nice to see you here. It took me a little extra to actually "follow" the Plumbline blog, though I've been subscribing to it for a while now. Just added myself to your list of followers as well, after reading the most recent TLS poem. Next time I do one of these "other folks I'm reading" posts, I'll definitely tip a hat to what you're doing over there.