Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A Less-Important Vote

Not as important as these.

So I did join the contest over at This is definitely not a FameCast situation, and I'm not going to self-promote the way I did during that competition*. However, I'd appreciate it if any of you regular readers would swing over to the competition page, register (you won't get spammed the way FameCast did, but you will get emails from time to time regarding the contest), and use at least some of your points on "ADD TV." Tell your friends if you want. Don't tell them if you don't want.

There are a total of three rounds. I already made it through the first. Getting through the second round depends on user votes - each user gets 50 points to distribute among the entries (all points can go to a single poem, of course). The third round is given over to official poetry judges in New Zealand, though there is a "viewer's choice" kind of award for best performance.

If you do vote, please make it legit. Don't create multiple accounts. Don't do anything to artificially boost my score. Use your real name and an email address you actually check so that if there is a vote audit, yours doesn't get eliminated.

Thanks :-)

*admittedly, I came in 10th out of about 80 poets, including Taylor Mali, Big Poppa E, Andrea Gibson, and other major slammers, in Season Two of FameCast, but it was way too stressful for way too little payoff.

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