Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Waiting Game

I'm waiting for the last of my students to turn in their final projects. These will either be analyses of nonwritten media (e.g. political cartoons, advertisements, dance routines, film segments, music, etc.) or original creations of nonwritten media. I like it as an exercise in composition because, let's face it, much of the composition we encounter these days is not based in words. Slightly more than 3/4 of our class time is spent on making our connection to words stronger, more deliberate, so I don't feel bad about going multimedia in the last project.

In related news, the papers are due by 9pm tonight. 7-9 on a Saturday is a horrible time to have a final.


The waiting also continues on the job front. I've heard back from a couple of places (rejections). I'll perhaps keep you updated. I'll perhaps not, as I don't think it appropriate to put all my job search information out here on a non-anonymous blog. One, it's respect for the system. Two, it's just covering my own butt.


The final waiting is for holiday visits to family back in the Midwest. We leave on Monday and return the 29th. I may blog during that time, but don't be surprised if you don't hear from me again until a year-end wrapup.

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