Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Titles / Behind

I'm really behind in sending work out. As in, I checked my submission list (keep a document on hand with the name of the journal, the titles of the poems, and the date on which I sent the submission), and I haven't submitted anything since October. Moving and working on the diss will do that.

I also realize my last few posts have been lengthy. To change that up a little, here's a long (but quick to read) list of the poems I'll be sending out soon. I like looking at titles (in bookstore, in tables of contents, whatever), so there may be one or two of you out there who are actually interested in this as an end in and of itself.

Advice to Our More Sensitive Viewers
Alexamenos Fidelis
American Jormungandr
Amtrak Observations
Appendix D
a riveder la stella
A Rose
as if the world came in and a part of you taken out
AWP Poem #12
Blasphemy by Numbers
Breaking the surface
Chuko Liang burning Tsao Tsao's ships
Cotton Mather, otherwise a bastard
Dearest Editors (
double negative
Dragging in the gods
El Caminante
El Campanero
El Enemigo
El quinto
Evident the Tongue
First Generation
go go go go go go go go go
Good Windows
Grammar Lesson
Heaven is full of opposable thumbs
Her mother was, to put it bluntly
High School Sestina
Hummingbirds don't bother with the fucking Ka Mate
[I danced shamanistic Lazarus]
If you are foolish enough to follow me
I go out intending
Impressions Greater
I seem to have the plague
It is not joy in this
Las viejas del oceano
Logic Bomb
Mashup #46: Shakespeare vs Bede
Mashup #74: Anne Rice vs Gertrude Stein
Mashups #212-217: H.P. Lovecraft vs Basho
Mobius Strip
Mirrors Killed the Barber
No more the Gryphon, or
Of the thousand things wrong with you
Picnic at the Battlefield
Poem based on a Series of Imagined Etymologies
Poem for the Hot Dog Vendor I Met Yesterday
Poem Reasserting my Masculinity
refusing to better, they are dead
Spectactile World
Spoken Through
Sunrise con duende, con dientes
Sweet Lion Hobo
That becomes a wound
The ceramicist speaks
The Nuns Go Slumming
The Rebar Silhouette of Don Quixote
When the Greatest Triangle Player in Louisiana
Zeno's Lost Paradox

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