Monday, October 27, 2008

Rexroth by Unicorn

This is just a really nice-looking book of poetry. It's the trade edition of Kenneth Rexroth's Sky Sea Birds Trees Earth House Beasts Flowers, published by Unicorn Press (founded and run by my friend Al Brilliant). The photos aren't spectacular, but you should look up Al if you're ever in Greensboro (you can find him as the owner of the Community Book Shop) to get your own copy.


Ron said...

We used to have a wonderful small press here in town, Appletree Alley, that produced beautiful handmade books: hand-cut linoleum prints, hand-set type. Several of the poetry titles were on display in Stadler Poetry Center. When I spent a month at Bucknell in '94, Barney Taylor was still running the press and let us poets hang out, sort type, run a few sheets of paper through the press. When he retired a few years ago, I thought Bucknell would jump at the chance to buy the press, but they let it go.

(In my next life, I'm getting my Master's in Book Arts.)

My verification word is "nonfluti"--gotta do something with that one.

JeFF Stumpo said...

I'll have to look them up once I'm in the Northeast.

Movers just took most of the house away - we're on lawnchairs and boxes in the living room for a couple of days :-)

Book Arts in the next life, or retirement, whichever comes first. Ever been down to the Center for Book Arts in NYC?

Nonfluti: (1) adj. the condition of lacking flutes, (2) n. one who lacks flutes Halfway through seventh period music class, Giuseppe was embarrassed to realize he was the only nonfluti in his row.

Jeff Brennan said...

Hey, this came up on my Google Alert for Rexroth. Thank you so much for making me aware of this book. I'm in Winston-Salem until the end of the week and will definitely try to make it over the Greensboro to pick up a copy.

JeFF Stumpo said...

Hi Jeff -

If you're interested in Rexroth, then Al is a good guy to talk to. Actually, he's a good guy to talk to regarding many major poets active in the 60s. Unicorn was the press that first published Levine's 5 Detroits, published work by Snyder, by Bunting, by Rukeyser, by Merton, by German and South American and South Asian poets translated for the first time, and some beautiful broadsides by Gary Snyder, W.S. Merwin, Diane DiPrima, Robert Bly, James Tate, etc etc etc.

JeFF Stumpo said...

Oh, to help Jeff or anyone else trying to find Al's bookstore:

1206 Grove Street
Greensboro, NC 27403