Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Butterfly Wins, But Paint Fumes Prevent It From Flying Tonight

OK, I'm not even extending the poll for a full week. Between online votes and people coming up to me/IMing me/calling me, it's clear that everybody prefers the butterfly.

Since it's more of a "real" album cover, I'm going to proceed with the insert idea. That is, I'll make up a PDF that acts as an e-booklet to accompany the album.

Unfortunately, I ache and am dizzy with paint fumes. We're on day...something of too many...getting the house ready for sale. All that remains is the kitchen, the front and back doors, and tidying the trim in the bedroom (this last item is still on my agenda for tonight). We're all ready to beat each other with sticks. Probably paint sticks. The ones used for mixing. Nevermind, you knew which ones.

See? Paint fumes. I remember once more why I don't do drugs.


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