Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Butterfly is Back

You'll notice that I missed Monday's post. The recap:

Class went as usual. Syllabus blah blah blah, then play Apples to Apples in small groups. Writing assignment for Wednesday - two pages recounting the game you just played from someone else's point of view. Those students who needed examples were given ideas from past students: the person sitting across from you, a person sitting behind you who can only hear the exclamations but not the normal content of the conversation, an ant crawling on the wall. They now know about this blog, and one student wrote down the address, so someone may come across this post which reveals that it's all a sneaky way to get them to talk about the ethics of writing. Yep, you read that correctly. Wednesday is going to be a discussion about ethics - whether or not it's OK to write as someone else, what the limits and expectations of research are, do fiction and poetry adhere to the same rules as nonfiction for certain things, is there anything we can't/shouldn't write about, the same question specifically applied to the classroom, etc.

I'll finish the Batman bit later. If any of my students are checking out this blog, they'll quickly note that it's pretty bad writing. I stand by the concept, but the writing is bad. Not a good impression of your professor for the first week of class. Maybe I'll post samples of work I've published in Fence or 88 or Borderlands later.

The big news on the artistic front, besides an acceptance from Rhino (which is pretty cool, my second time in that journal), is that Guillaume Provost (rOmy) emailed me about his art. I can use it for the cover of Arts & Crafts if I want. So here's a poll. I think I can put up a poll here. Which do you prefer - the butterfly or the typography?


Karin said...

Wow--the butterfly.

Congrats on the Rhino acceptance!

JeFF Stumpo said...

Thanks for the comment/vote and the congrats. I like Rhino. Very solid journal (physically and metaphorically). :-)