Sunday, August 17, 2008

Arts & Crafts samples

In the interest of

A) trying to keep at this blog on a regular basis
B) show off something interesting
and C) practice my html skills

today's entry consists of two samples from Arts & Crafts. The first is my poem "There will be no reinvention of the wheel," which was a featured poem on Indiefeed's Performance Poetry podcast (show #396 if you want to get specific). If you listen to the podcast, you'll hear bits of an essay I wrote and posted regarding "There will be no reinvention of the wheel." I informally expanded on that essay in audio form, and on the forthcoming "album" they will be tracks 2 and 3. More on track order and intangible albums in the next post...

In the meantime, this should, if it works, offer you the choice to stream the audio or download it.

Download "There will be no reinvention of the wheel"

Download "Persona (essay)"

If you're able to listen to this in the blog (i.e. using those nice embedded Google media players), would you let me know? Linux is acting up on me, and I can't seem to load them myself.


UPDATE: OK, it's confirmed. The media players aren't working. Does anyone out there know of a good embedded player I can use here or on my website?


Jarod K. Anderson said...

Hi Jeff,

I came across your blog in my recent quest for poetry enthusiasts in the blogosphere. I love poetry, but I find myself in a bit of a geographical poetry vacuum. My friends don’t write/read poetry. I can’t seem to find any readings. So, I’m reaching out over the internet for a sense of community. So, there you have it. I’ve been reading poetry blogs and tracing the comments to other blogs. Additionally, I’m headed to grad school in a couple weeks; so, hopefully I can sneak over to the creative writing department now and then.
Thanks for stopping by my page and it’s nice to “meet” you.


JeFF Stumpo said...

Hi again Jarod,

On the off chance that you're tracking follow-up comments, I'll post here. If there's no response, I'll post back on your blog.

What is your geographical area/where will you be going to grad school? Do you want readings where you just listen, open mics, slams, or what? Or are you content to find poetry communities online (and, while we're at it, are there any you particularly like)?

Bunch of questions in case I can point you towards something.