Monday, September 8, 2008

Mic Check Rocked

That's all that I can really say about it. Soul Everlived rocked, funked, and generally grooved from 8-930 or so. People danced. Some tried to dance and failed, but had a great time anyway (*cough* me *cough*). Ten minute break. The poets came up one by one, and while each put her or his own style out there, each undoubtedly owned the stage for the duration of his or her performance.

The shout-outs (in order): Buck Hogue, Jennifer, Taye Swift, Tina B., Cam, me, a new poet that Steve introduced but I didn't get her name, Chris Diaz, Steve, Charity, everybody who adlibbed.

Chris Diaz and Christopher Call are going to team up to host Mic Check - I believe the arrangement is that Chris D will run it most weekends, with Chris C helping out for slams and whatnot. Chris C asked about taking over Javashock, but, for branding reasons, I've put it down. Season 5 was the last one. You may see a new slam develop in the Brazos Valley. We'll see...

I got footage of the whole thing and will put up bits and pieces as I get it rendered. That will give a much better impression than any summary I could offer. It'll also offer me blog-fodder for a good week and a half to come.

This being my blog, I did a quick outtake of one of my own pieces first. I offer you, for the first time in decent lighting (I'm doing on a higher-quality render for the album) "ADD TV" (77MB - avoid on slow connections!).

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