Tuesday, September 9, 2008

If you wish you were colorblind

let me know. I'm messing with the layout of the blog a bit, trying out different orders of info on the sidebar (I prefer having the "subscribe to this blog" kind of stuff at the bottom, but would anyone actually click it there?), changing the color scheme to match my website better. Unfortunately, color is not my design strong suit. I can do physical placement/layout all right. Font choice in a chapbook is not an issue for me. But I'm not sure which combination of colors will please, and which will cause the burning remains of my readers' eyes to fall out of their heads.



Anonymous said...

too much green at the top. i'd leave the tagline grey.

JeFF Stumpo said...

Good call. Am changing before anyone else comments, it's such a good call :-)

Karin said...

They green on gray is nice. It pops! But not in the sense of popping my eyes out.

JeFF Stumpo said...

They green they lion?